Immunization: Quick Facts


1. Immunization prevents between 2-3 million deaths every year

2. More children than ever are being reached with immunization

3. An estimated 19.3 million children under the age of one did not receive DTP3 vaccine

4. Over 1 million infants and young children die every year from pneumococcal disease and rotavirus diarrhoea

5. Public-private partnerships facilitate the development and introduction of vaccines

6. The supply of influenza vaccines has been significantly expanded

7. Global measles mortality has declined by 74%

8. Polio cases have decreased by over 99%

9. Annual deaths from neonatal tetanus have fallen

10. Immunization provides an opportunity to deliver other life-saving measures

Immunization Misconceptions

1. “Diseases had already begun to disappear before vaccines were introduced, because of better hygiene and sanitation”

2. “The majority of people who get disease have been vaccinated.”

3. “There are “hot lots” of vaccine that have been associated with more adverse events and deaths than others. Parents should find the numbers of these lots and not allow their children to receive vaccines from them.”

4. “Vaccines cause many harmful side effects, illnesses, and even death – not to mention possible long-term effects we don’t even know about.”

5. “Vaccine-preventable diseases have been virtually eliminated from my country, so there is no need for my child to be vaccinated.”

6. “Giving a child multiple vaccinations for different diseases at the same time increases the risk of harmful side effects and can overload the immune system”.


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