Story Ideas

Importance of vaccination

Who is at risk?

Think, the elderly, children who cannot be vaccinated, the immunocompromised

Process of producing a vaccination

Addresses the time length of creating a vaccine (Ebola)

Government regulations

Human testing

Vaccines Vs. Disease: Evolutionary Arms Race

How do vaccines develop with changing diseases?

Difference between diseases such as smallpox or polio and the flu

How does evolution in pathogens affect immunizations?

HIV Vaccine

Why is HIV unique?

What properties of HIV make vaccination improbable?

Addiction vaccinations

Can vaccines be used for other disease such as addiction to drugs or alcohol?

Adversion to vaccination

Overview of the history of vaccines and their fabled link to autism

How public fear spreads quicker than the facts – celebrity influence

Dr. Andrew Wakefield – retracted study

Autism is a spectrum disorder – may be over diagnosed?

Eradication of Diseases Via Vaccinations

History of the eradication of polio/smallpox in the US

Diseases that were once on the verge of being eradicated are coming back – measles, whooping cough, etc.

HPV Vaccine

Follow up to the Discovery Story

Why aren’t children being vaccinated?

Boys can be vaccinated as well – why aren’t we advertising towards getting them vaccinated as well?

Dr. Jena new research: correlation between mothers having/dying of cervical cancer and their daughters – have they had the vaccine or not?

Plant-Based Vaccinations?

Pros and cons?

More easily accepted in society?

What makes them different than our current vaccinations?

Are they as effective? More? Less?


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